Business Permits and Licenses

Business Permits and Licenses

Business Permits and Licenses for Your Business

Business owners require various permits and licenses in order to operate without interference and hitches from relevant authorities. A business permit describes a legal document that demonstrates proof of compliance with particular state or city laws regulating safety and structural appearances. Depending on the kind of business you operate, you may require various permits to demonstrate compliance with state and local laws.

These documents prove that your business adheres to certain ordinances and laws. Requirements differ by jurisdiction and if you fail to comply, you will frequently pay hefty fines or have your business shut down.  It is imperative to research the necessary permits prior to starting any business to avoid additional expenses. On the other hand, a business license gives you the right to operate a business. Acquiring a business license typically involves a small fee besides presenting an application to the suitable federal, county, or state.

Permits for starting a business

You may require various permits depending on the type of business you plan to operate. These permits include a seller’s permit. If you intend to purchase and resell merchandise, you require a seller’s permit or resale tax number. You may also require zoning and building permits. Your business building must have certain permits. For instance, if you are building or remodeling your space, it is important to check local building ordinances and codes to determine whether you require a building permit. This is because certain areas are specifically for commercial or residential property.

Another permit is the county permit; county governments frequently require similar kinds of permits as cities. If you operate your business outside any town or city’s jurisdiction, these permits are applicable to you. Some suburbs and cities have sign laws that restrict the location, size, and at times the lighting and sign type you can use outside a business. Other permits are fire department, health department, and water and air pollution control.

Permits for opening a restaurant

When opening a new restaurant, some of the necessary permits are similar to other retail businesses. Permit fees and requirements differ by city, state, and county. You will require additional permits since your business will serve beverages and food. Moreover, the additional permits are necessary to safeguard the public health. You may require a resale permit if your restaurant is in a state that has sales tax.

In this case, you must acquire a resale permit from a state, which permits your restaurant to collect and charge the necessary sales tax from clients. This permit may be free or incur a fee. A restaurant will also require a health permit from the county or health department. As a permit holder, you will undergo sporadic health inspections to ensure a sanitary location and compliance with established food practices. Other permits include a health permit for employees, fire and city, and municipal permits.

Licenses for opening a restaurant

A restaurant requires a liquor license from the state if it sells alcohol, wine or beer. Licensing fees and requirements differ by state. In general, a wine and beer license costs less than a liquor license. You will also require a business license from the local or city municipality. This process typically involves you completing a license application and paying a fee. As a restaurant owner, you must renew your license periodically.

Where to obtain permits and licenses

You should contact the license department in your city to learn how to obtain a business license. When you file your application, the zoning department or city planning will check to ensure that your area is zoned for your intended purpose as well as ensure that there are sufficient parking spaces. The local government typically issues business licenses. A single jurisdiction frequently requires numerous licenses that multiple agencies and government departments issue.

On the other hand, obtaining a permit will vary depending on the type you seek. For instance, you may obtain a permit from the fire department if you intend to use flammable materials in your business or if you will open your premises to the public. In certain cities, you may have to obtain this permit prior to opening your business. You will require a health permit especially if you plan to open a restaurant business. You may obtain this document from the health department. Therefore, it is important to recognize the rules in the localities and states where you plan to operate your business. Various departments and agencies are in charge of permits and licenses depending on the document you seek.

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